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Lisa Walker

Finance Manager

Meet Lisa, our exceptional Finance and Office Manager, whose extensive experience in administration spans over 30 years. With a wealth of knowledge in running the administrative side of businesses, Lisa brings a diverse skill set to her role. Prior to joining NZ Concrete Homes, Lisa successfully managed her own business alongside her husband, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to navigate the challenges of running a company. Although her previous venture belonged to a different industry, the invaluable knowledge and experience gained during that time have positioned her as a valuable asset within our office. Lisa's expertise in financial management, organizational efficiency, and attention to detail ensures smooth operations and effective office management. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to providing exceptional support make her an integral part of our team. With Lisa at the helm of our finance and office functions, we can confidently deliver outstanding service to our valued customers while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency.

07 929 0409

Lisa Walker
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